Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Winter Hiking Outside of Bergen

My family and I went winter hiking a few weeks ago. There are a number of mountains right behind Bergen that the general public has easy access to, and the three that we walked around were Fløyen (where we took a tram to the top), Blåmannen and Rundemannen (these are located right behind Fløyen).

Below are a number of photographs of the scenery we were able to enjoy... when we were not engulfed in trees.

Above: looking to the east of Bergen.

Looking out beyond the harbor of Bergen. The first island (Askøy) is where we live, with 22 000 other people.

Looking over the southern mountains of Bergen. Out beyond that final island is the great big ocean of the Atlantic.... next stop: Stavanger.


Vibeke K. Olsen said...

You're making me homesick ;)

Lovely photos!

Sigmosaics said...

my goodness that is spectacular scenery! what a wonderful trip :D

Kreativlink said...

Wow, this looks great!

ArtMind said...

It looks stuning! :)

Malene said...

Wow, gorgeous view!