Friday, 23 January 2009

Back to Knitted Postcards

I've been home sick with my son this week - not a lot of fun. But while both of us have taken it easy, watch tv, drinking lots of vitamin rich juice, and tea (and a little bit of hot chocolate to keep the moral up), I've been playing with my knitting needles. I think even in a severe coma, I would still be able to knit something wonderful.

I've gone back to knitting postcards for while. Why, you might ask? For a number of reasons:

1) I'm not feeling well enough to even work on a scarf.
2) I have a whole lot of yarn, wool and material that needs to be used up in one for or another. I can see that haunting look in my husband's eyes - time to get on it.
3) I like being forced to enter the world of 'EXTREME CREATIVITY' to make something that looks nice from a lot of odds and ends that, well... really don't look nice at all.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I've of course cut out lots of hearts - close to 100 of them in fact, that are now stored in my 'Applique Box'. I have found some flowers I had forgotten about as well. It's nice to be able to put these to good use.

As I'm making these cards, my mind starts to wander, wondering what it can make and how to diversify my cards as much as possible. What kind of appliques can I can I make from a sewing machine? Cupcakes? More flowers? Whales? Words/Sayings? Birds? Hmmm.... I think I might have to start doing some free hand drawing to see what I am capable of.

And should anyone have a good idea that might work, I would be willing to give them a free sample of any card I made from that idea. Crafters Unite!


Sigmosaics said...

these are super gorgeous and great creations to use up the 'extra bits'! love the appliques too :D

hope you and your son are better soon.

ChichiBoulie said...

cupcakes are always popular - I'd add those to your repetoire.

ingermaaike said...

And butterflies are very fun too!

Amanda Yu said...

Such a beautiful handmade postcard! unique and full of love.

Perhaps you can add your logo/shop name/flag or some words that represent your shop / country in which can give more personality to your lovely handmade knitted card. :)

Have a wonderful weekend and hope you child get well soon.

Nicole said...

Oh Amanda - that was a good idea. :)

karuski said...

Great idea!
And these can fit any season, you can use cotton yarn in spring/summer and wool yarn in fall/winter. Motifs can easily reflect the seasons as well:)


Anonymous said...

You make beautful knits. Cute and lovely. :)
It's a good idea, Amanda. I thnk it will definitely capture the market.