Sunday, 11 January 2009

Nobody Likes Me Scarflett

I was given a ball of wool from a friend - she had one left over from her workings. Knowing that I like to use things that others would just get rid of, she asked me if I could use it for anything.

From this ball, I knitted a scarflett. I thought it was fascinating how the extra colors that were entwined within the navy blue wool appeared at a random pattern of their own making: purples, pinks, greens, oranges, and even a bit of yellow making appearances at will.

I knew a piece like this needed a pretty big border. To this I added a fringe in baby pink, in order to bring out the reds found in the purples and to off set the light blues.

Imagine my shock when I held a contest a couple of months later: each participant was required to go through my store and find a piece that they would never, ever, ever buy. Even if someone paid them a large amount of money to do so. This piece got the most votes.

However after a lot of thinking and searching my heart, I've come to the conclusion that this piece is wonderful, and wonderful for someone out there.

I will continue to hold out, until this person and myself cross paths.


Heli said...

Oh poor ugly duckling! It is actually quite cute in it's cute way :)

ingermaaike said...

Many different people like many different things, no doubt it will find a loving home in the not too distant future!

karlita said...

ha, i guess you find such an item in any shop - and you know what they say: only one person has to like it enough!

Sigmosaics said...

I don't think it's ugly at all!! It has cute contrasting colours .. someone will see it and it will be exactly what they are looking for .. continue to hold out for that customer Nicole!

Anonymous said...

i like the unique look of this! it stands out and is a beautiful swan. :)

pattyo said...

Just found your blog. I love knits from Norway. I find this scarf beautiful!