Sunday, 22 March 2009

I Got Myself New Boobies....

I finally did it! I went against what family members and friends had been telling me for years... that what I had was just fine. There was no point in going bigger. People should love me just the way I am.

Well I have to say, I have thrown caution into the wind and have followed my own desires. I bought myself some new boobies, and I LOVE THEM.

Here they are:

Aren't they perfect? I purchased them from Greece, and you can hardly even tell!! And already all my products just look great on them.

They peek out nicely, but aren't graphic at all.

They bring forward certain attributes.

Even when hidden, they still enhance. Isn't that what they say, that it's the mystery that the most intriguing?

If Janet Jackson can flash herself, then so can I!

Me and the Glass Coca-Cola bottle. We've got our curves and we love them!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Week In Lillehammer Part I

I have just come back from a week long skiing trip in Lillehammer. Most will remember that this is where the Winter Olympics were held in 1994. And what a perfect place for it - lots and lots of snow. Which is so different from what we get on the west side of Norway. Here we get rain, rain, and more rain. So it was a nice change for all of us.

Below is the cabin we rented, which was more than big enough for the 17 family members that came along.

Unfortunately I do not have a lot of pictures of skiing - as a first time skiier, I was concentrating much more on keeping myself upright than taking great pictures. And it was also our children's first time skiing. So between me and the kids, my husband had his hands full!

But when we were not skiing, the kids had a great time playing in the snow. Below are all the children building a snow cave. Now this is something that is NEVER done on the west side of Norway. If we do get snow, it's so wet that I would never let my kids build a snow cave, for fear that it would collapse on them.

Here's the oldest cousin doing a lot of the hard work, digging out a pathway to where the door will be. Us adults are smart and are enjoying a well deserved break on the porch.

More digging and planning......

And here we are towards the end of the project, after all the snow from the inside of the cave was emptied out.

The door way.....

My two kids who were so happy with their new house that they were unwilling to leave it, even after the sun had set, the temperature had dropped and they were shivering.

So much snow is also good for flying lessons.



More posts to come in the next few days....