Saturday, 13 September 2008

Upcycled Appliques that Bring Forth a Message

Another thing that has completely absorbed me through last few months - making my own hand sewn appliques that deliver a message. Suddenly it's so fun to pull up old sayings, cliches, song titles and movie titles from the far, far past. Phrases that I remember from my early childhood that are deeply connected to important parts of my life... I feel in my heart that this must also be true for others who are of the same generation as me.

On this warm and cozy scarf I've added three appliques that spell out the phrase: Dreaming of Sunshine. For all of us who try to make it through the cold, dark winter months sometimes we need that bit of extra to put a smile on our face and give a bit of warmth to our hearts.

Now that I've started on this path, a plethora of ideas of phrases have started to emerge from my head. I certainly cannot sew that fast, so I've started keeping a diary just for these phrases to be used at future time. I am looking foward to the weeks ahead of me.

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