Monday, 15 September 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

My continued experiment with combining text and textiles has got me on a personal high. It didn't take me long to discover that you could really put text on anything. Messages for better or worse, can be conveyed, and are perhaps they're most powerful, when they are not found on or in traditional reading venues.

At the moment I'm still having fun - so the texual messages I'm using are harking back to a time of innocence, or of innocent longing. On this crocheted scarf I've written, I've created appliques that display the message: Baby It's Cold Outside.

For those who know the song and the fun playing of wills that it represents, it should bring back memories and ideas of a 1940's and 1950's Christmas. When the snow fell but it wasn't in someone's way. When stores were closed over Christmas and it was a time to be shared with families. When families still lived in closer proximity to each other.

Because the text is spaced throughout the length of the scarf, it will certainly cause you to be the center of attention. People will have to come up close to you, and unless they're the senseless Walmart brand of people, they will converse with you and compliment you on your unusual piece of clothing.

Now that I've been working with this style for a few weeks now, my mind is opening up to a lot more power phrases and ideas, most of which are quite political in nature. I'm really pondering how far ideas can be stretched, and what may be the consequences of this path, both positive and negative. Having said this, I feel that this path will be 95% positive and I am so excited to go exploring down it.

I'm also looking forward to hearing other people's reaction to both the articles I've created now, as well as simply the idea that I've started describing here. So should you have a reaction, do not hesitate to send it as a comment on this blog, or as a message through my store which can be reached through the Plast Design Link located above on the right hand side.

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