Sunday, 20 September 2009

Another Weekend of Good Work

After many weekends at home, we finally were able to escape to our cabin and do some of the work that we actually enjoy.

We have started to cut down some trees, to prepare for our wood storage for 2010. Here's my husband busy at work.

We only cut down one small tree this time, as we intend to come many weekends over the autumn, and perhaps even into the winter time.

So this is what it looked like when it was all loaded up into our trailer.

We also started digging down through the soil to find solid rock, in order to start making foundations for the last part of the balcony which will be built next summer. For those who have forgotten where we were to dig, here is a before picture.

Pretty steep, which made the digging quite difficult. And, as our bad luck would have it, we couldn't actually find solid rock. Just lots and lots of very large tree roots. Digging around in the basement we were able to find a rusty saw to cut them out of the ground with.

We're not quite finished with this job, but as one can see we've removed enough earth to make the ground even steeper than it was before. And making it that much easier to work with. But luckily we can't imagine it can be more than a couple of hours more of work.

Below is my super cool, race car driving, brother-in-law, now having fun with his new toy. He has purchased this excavator to help with a lot of the work he is doing on his cabin. However at this point he is doing a small favor for my parent-in-laws.

We intend to be on his good side for quite some time as we have some reconstruction of our pathway that needs to be done.... which will be a lot easier with one of these.

Finally, I got to spend 5 or 6 hours over 2 days walking over 10 acres looking for fun ideas to make soap with. What is left of the fruit is over ripe, but this is fine as I have gathered it for color purposes only.

Here is the last of the red currants that could be plucked.
And this is not a great picture of the rose hips that I have gathered. Once I take out the seeds, the color should be stunning.

I was also really suprised to see how many wild flowers there was left this late in the year. I think I must have picked a whole bread bag worth of the. All of them are now lying nicely between pieces of paper towel, squished between magazines. Here is a picture of the first collection of flowers done early Saturday morning.

I have also put on my rain pants, and kneed my way through the blueberry bushes, tittebær bushes (a cousin to the cranberry, it grows on tiny bushes just centimeters from the ground). I've got exciting ideas of mixing these with orange and lemon zests.

I was also able to start picking a little bit of juniper berries, even though they are not quite in season yet. Most of them are still green. This is what can be seen in the smallest bag at the bottom.

I must say that I am really excited about adding a bit of juniper extract to my soap, as juniper has a disinfectant quality that has been used by many peoples in the days before modern medicine. More info on this as I experiment.


SuppliesHandcrafted said...

What a fantastic "share" . Thanks for the blog & the pics. Started my day out w/ a brighter attitude!

ingermaaike said...

What immense fun!
A digger...the essential tool!

matchstickgirl said...

what a brilliant weekend reading about back to real life things !!! those juniper berry experiments sound totally up my alley ...look forward to results ...and all the wild flowers how beautiful !!!!