Saturday, 17 October 2009

Ultimate Deal for Friends, Family and EuropeanStreetTeam Members

Okay - Here's the Deal:
I have had a lot of family, friends and my best buddies on the EuropeanStreetTeam as me, "When are you going to start selling your soap? I want to buy some!"

The thing is that I just don't have time to set up a store before Christmas. I'm studying for a big exam at the beginning of December which will get me a degree, and ultimately increase my paycheck at work.

In addition to this, I have made other commitments with my Canadian friends, as well as my children that will fill up my weekends before Christmas.


I am have decided to sell about half of my soaps to all of the aforementioned people privately.

Contact me through my email address at:

Let me know what soaps you are interested in purchasing, and I will contact you and let you know if the products you want are available.

All soaps will be sold for 6.00 USD or 35 NOK, no matter what types are chosen.

All soaps are at least 5 oz (140 gr)- most of them are at least 7-8 oz (210 - 250 gr).

Shipping and postage are in addition to this, but will be kept at a minimum. All recycled packaging will be used to keep prices low.


All of it has been great appreciated.

Kindest Greetings,


Michele said...

Looks yummie:)

ingermaaike said...

My order is in :-D

ira said...

Did you get my order yet Nicole?:)

heartshapedcreations said... comment... just the sound of my drooling!!! :-DDDDD

Emily said...

Just love looking at your soaps!!!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I'm putting in my order, now :-)

lauren carney said...

these are amazing!
you clever thing you!
have fun being creative, you are wonderful!
x x