Sunday, 3 May 2009

My Working Space

One of my collegues from the European Street Team on Etsy had a challenge to all members: blog about your creative workspace.

This has taken me a bit of time to do as I, in the big scheme of things, do not actually have a permanent workspace.

I do have my sewing corner under the stairs of my house and I have done a lot of creative sewing in the past. However, at this point in time, my life is so busy that I am only sewing patches on the knees of my son's pants. But I will come back to this creative corner sooner or later.

Notice the newspaper articles I've been featured in as well as the pictures that my daughter has drawn for me in order to help me become more creative. I do miss sitting in that corner.

The next most popular place to work is on my living room chair in the evenings (below). Lately this has been happening more and more infrequently. But I do manage to get at least 30 minutes in before I need to go to sleep. Even if I don't create anything worth keeping and need to take it apart, I do manage to relax my mind and heart rate which makes falling asleep after a hectic day that much easier.

It's not often that I am a passanger in our Pajero. But those times that I am, I do some easy knitting.... the kind that can be done without looking at my project and thus avoiding car sickness.

Last week I managed to do a bit of knitting at one of my son's feild trips. We went on a big picnic at the north end of the large island we live on. After visiting the museum, wading in the super cold ocean water and eating our packed lunch, everyone else pulled out their coffee thermoses while the kids were running and playing in the fields. I took out my current project. I only got 10 minutes worth of work done, but 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there makes an extra project every week.

And today I did a bit of knitting while at the aquarium. I planned it right and we were able to get a window seat in the cafeteria just before the seal show started. My children happily ate an ice cream while watching the seals and all their tricks. I got to begin on something new.

So basically where I can take my work with me, I can have a work space. It would probably be easier to think of where I cannot do work:
  • on an airplane (damn those terroists!)
  • in the dentist's chair
  • in the movie theater
  • in bed after my husband turns off the lights.

Otherwise, I guess the rest is fair game.


ArtMind said...

Oh, i love that you can work just anywhere! I take my crocheting work with me too - it's so much fun to be able to do something while waiting or just because you feel like it! :)

Rita from said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I tray to work everywhere to, although with beadwaving it is not so easy as with knitting. I always take all my material to the fairs. I work all the time, when I don't have any interested customers :)

Arctida said...

So cool that you have a freedom of choosing you workplace! I'm far more bound to my workspace with all my tools and supplies :(

Meltem said...

My crochet works with me on everywhere too:) I crochet while trip on car!

ingermaaike said...

How about finger knitting in the plane???

Creation can fortunately be done just about anywhere :-D

fleurfatale said...

hehe, it's so great that you and that way you can enjoy the weather or sit on the caoch while the kids are watchint tv or read a book!

And that place to sew, under the stairs, looks so cosy!

fleurfatale said...

hehe, it's so great that you and that way you can enjoy the weather or sit on the caoch while the kids are watchint tv or read a book!

And that place to sew, under the stairs, looks so cosy!

fel4u said...

I also find the place under the stairs really cosy !!
I am doing the same with you !! I crochet almost anywhere!!!!

Sigmosaics said...

how cool that you can take your work and do it everywhere .. i especially smiled when you I saw the photo with the seal and your knitting in it :D your little corner looks cozy and cute .. will be nice for you to get back there when you have more time!

ZenaZBlog said...

Wish I had a take-with-me-workplace!
Unfortunately I spend too much time behind my desk & computer.

LeelaBijou said...

Ah, how nice! I like the "finger knitting" idea of Inger :)

matchstickgirl said...

yes the worst thing is not being able to take a crochet hook with you on a plane
such a waste of all that time !!!!!!

miss-minoes said...

Your like me taking your circular needles all over the place.
And maybe not to the dentist chair, but I did a lot of knitting in the dentists waiting room. =^x^=

I envy your little corner. It looks like a crafty heaven under the stairs.

Star of the East said...

It's great that you can work everywhere!