Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Secret Easter Bunny -

Being a member of the European Street Team on Etsy has it's social benifits. Like getting secret gifts twice a year from someone you are not expecting at all.

We have two occasions where we exchange gifts: Christmas and Easter. I unfortunately was not able to participate in the 'Secret Santa' give away, but I was one of the first to jump on board to participate in the 'Secret Easter Bunny' give away.

The person I received to make a gift for was a woman I've actually be aquainted with for a couple of years now. Malene lives in Denmark and has the store Elves Garden (http://www.elvesgarden.etsy.com) where she makes wonderful pieces of jewelry with a mystical or mideval feel. I really like her work and have bought a number of pieces from her already.

Because we live in 'similar' climates (though this word should be used carefully as it is warmer in Denmark, though some what windier), I decided to make for her two cowls. One made from a Danish wool in wonderful orange and yellow colors, as well as a summer cowl made from a yarn that is a combination of wool, cotton and chitin. (Fantastic material to work with). I was very glad when she liked the parcel that was sent to her. She has posted about it here, in her blog: http://malenekaae.typepad.com/malene_kaae_design/2009/03/my-second-secret-easter-bunny.html

It turned out that my secret Easter Bunny lives in Italy! Mette is an avid knitter and sells both her wares as her patterns at this store: http://www.knittingmette.etsy.com. And she has sent me the below:

A cute little refrigerator magnet that my daughter has completely fallen in love with....

And a wide variety of goodies for me, myself and I. :) I cute little knitted Easter Bunny was perfect for our Easter Holidays out at the country side, as well as some Easter Candles, a handful of Italian body creams and tea from Italy. In addition to this I got a marshmallow Easter Bunny as well as what I assume was an Easter bunny made from white chocolate. However, that one melted a bit before I got it. Regardless, it tasted very good!

Thank you very much Mette!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you lucky girl. The prezzie is absolutely beautiful! Mitsy did a wonderful match.

ingermaaike said...

Gorgeous presents , lucky bunny!

Kreativlink said...

Such lovely presents! :)