Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A Little Something Turned Big

My biggest satisfactions come from the smallest things. Like when I don't really have faith in an idea, but give it a whirl and am surprised to see the outcome.

I had such an experience last week: a single ball of purple wool and two pewter buttons. I did not expect much to come out of this. In fact, I EXPECTED it to be a waste of valuable time.

Instead, the result was a simple scarf with a lot of versatility. And it's not the fact that it looks good that is the point of this blog. It's the fact that it has taught me something big about myself.

First, the scarf: it's a loose traditional stitch with a twist. This gives it a very organic and lively feel. It will go with all casual items and business attire. Because it's made from soft wool, it will keep you warm while still letting your skin breath. It's a good deal.

Secondly, me: I need to stop analysing things so much. I need to stop trying to predict the outcomes of events and focus on the journey. I need to ENJOY the journey. I need to start being a bit more optimistic about things and expect the best from my endeavors.

And finally, I need to remember and take solice in the fact that as always, great things are hidden in simple packages.


AgapeLiz said...

A very pretty purple scarf! Cool that it can be worn in a few ways!

glasfaden said...

Lovely!! Glad to hear you are finally healthy again :)

miss-minoes said...

It's beautiful. I love the colour! A good yarn like that could get lost in a complicated stitch.
And the buttons match perfectly. =^x^=